This blog set the question: Are You the Hundredth Monkey?

Comments to the initial post "What's Up With That?" give wonderful examples of what that might look like.

The New Year has begun. The Hundredth Monkey has abundant opportunity to be be make a difference - any difference that makes the world brighter, holier, more sane.

What does that look like for you?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Community Building. It's Party Time!

I subscribe to a site called Daily OM.  Sound soulful advise.  See for yourself.

This week a post about community caught my eye and fit into the Hundredth Monkey Effect perfectly...
Communities thrive on the talents of their members...consider what you have to offer and find ways to bring that into your community. 
Anything we do on a small level will automatically ripple out into the larger system. If you have a special gift when it comes to bringing people together...find ways to bring that into your community.
You might agree to throw a party or event once a year that includes the whole community. Even a small open house in an apartment building can accomplish a lot in terms of making people feel more connected and comfortable with each other.
Becoming the Hundredth Monkey is joyful stuff.  Have fun with it!!  A party sure sounds good... Feel free to invite neighbors you know and more neighbors you don't and share the love :)