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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Does Positive News Exist?

I am just one of a handful of people I personally know  who love twitter.

I am a baby boomer so I didn't grow up having a media devise strapped to my wrist, but I have learned the value of human interaction through social media, and that enthralls me.

For many months I saw the visionary possibilities of grass roots social networking for good causes, but I had my epihany on the night of the Iran elections.

I was watching my twitter feed do it's thing while thinking how nice my bed was going to feel in just a few minutes, when I noticed the messages ("tweets") I receive starting to light up with personal reports from people inside Iran. They were describing what was happening in the streets. The reports were distressing.  The tone was disturbing. Next came photos. Quickly individuals from countries outside of Iran began stepping forward and tweeting was as quick as 1,2,3...strangers no longer strange to each other.

"What's happening there?"

"How can we help?"

"How can I help??"

How can I ...

hmmmm there are some good folks out there...

I jogged downstairs to my TV and clicked through every station. Nothing. Nada. Running back to my twitter feed online I saw that individual by individual, people had found each other and joined forces in all sorts of unexpected ways.  I watched it happen right before my eyes.  Some contacted their local media stations with breaking news.  Others were online communicators themselves and just started posting. Still others became beacons of light simply by bringing awareness to their own groups and tweeting "HEY look here - look what's going on."  Many changed their logo picture to reflect their participation in spreading the news.

Later - much later - mainstream media had it's own "breaking news" but in truth they took a whole lot longer than the folks I participated with on twitter, and I'm not really sure that what was offered was help.  

Now I witness the devastation in Haiti.  So many people have opened their minds and hearts to others who are far away.  The Hundredth Monkey says "I can."

Some of us are here to shine the light on those who show up in action.  This too is a way of demonstrating "I can." Mashable is one of my favorite online sources of information.  I invite you to check out what folks have done for Haitian relief that will make you feel good.  

Mashables Media Click Here 

Do you have something else to add?

Namaste as the Spirit in Me Sees the Spirit in You.


  1. Picked up a Corona Light Bottle from the street on my way home from the post box. Yeah I am a monkey :}

  2. Monkey see Monkey do. :) Clean streets here we come!