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Monday, November 8, 2010

In Praise of Twitter

I was speaking to a couple of friends the other day who insist they "hate twitter."

I'm no big tech person and I know quite well I could be "optimizing" my presence there giving it all sorts of attention.  I'm not into that yet.  What I am into is good news and inspiring people. In true Monkey fashion I find myself going to twitter to find news worth reading, and once you start filtering there is more than enough of it to go around. I love the grass roots finds that are inevitably there, and the action I see with individuals reaching out and finding their potential to affect others.

Maybe there is something in it for you too if you "give peace a chance" and check out what some folks are saying...

Here are just a few links I picked out just to get you started. Each is a person I found on twitter and decided to read up on. It took me all of 10 minutes to find out what they were up to today. Enjoy :)

Eleesha and  The Inspiration Daily featuring articles, stories, health, education and more.

The Documentary Channel featuring the film The Youngest Candidate directed by tweet master Jason Pollak.  "The Youngest Candidate is not just a film about running for office. It is the coming of age story of four idealistic young adults who dare to dream."

I have followed philanthropist Lotay Yang since my beginnings on twitter. He says "Merely a vessel. Give more, expect less. Peace is inevitable." Check out his website here.

There are also some of the biggie spiritual leaders who need no introduction like Deepak Chopra and you'll enjoy their daily bites of inspiration. You can also find your own favorites by using the search feature.

Hashtags will get you into areas of interest such as #yoga, #inspiration #green #charity and whatever else interests you.  Find your peeps and lighten your day.  The news is all good all the time once you know where to look.

You can find me there too - anytime - @Yokibics.

Be The Hundredth Monkey and share the good stuff.

Blessings galore to you today!

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