This blog set the question: Are You the Hundredth Monkey?

Comments to the initial post "What's Up With That?" give wonderful examples of what that might look like.

The New Year has begun. The Hundredth Monkey has abundant opportunity to be be make a difference - any difference that makes the world brighter, holier, more sane.

What does that look like for you?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Monkey Business

This piece of monkey advise comes from Jack Cuffari of Jack Cuffari Consulting  and Brand Smacks Blog from his guest article on DuetsBlog called In Praise of Folly: Rantings of a Right Brained Activist.

Check it out - especially if you are doing business in today's changing world.

Monkeys abound everywhere :)

Meanwhile here are some nuggets.
"In the Left Brain Only business world, all that matters are analytics, number crunching, logic systems and hard data...but as a society we are searching past information for meaning. And I for one, as a Right Brain guy and a champion of breakthrough, connective messaging, couldn’t be more excited."

"...this is especially crucial in branding, and it is high time for those of us in branding-based disciplines to remember that what drives successful branding is emotional connectivity, a very human thing. We must effectively engage all the juicy stuff:..."

" accomplish connectivity at this kind of vital level takes great, powerful narrative, an authentic amount of empathy and a degree of meaningfulness that simple data, technology and science can’t deliver alone. And getting to that place may require fun, a focus on aesthetics and altruism – all those soft, non-ROI-based values. And woe to the business that deludes itself into thinking that it can thrive in an optimum manner without fully engaging these attributes."
Ken Keyes his book on the hazards of nuclear war said something similar about our entire World. 

If you haven't already, you can click here for a free download of Keyes book. 

Perhaps the Hundredth Monkey showing up in your own business could be the tipping point we all need to see...


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