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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Science and Consciousness

The link at the bottom of this post is to a short video by Dr. Larry Dossey who offers his wonderful and heartfelt support for the viability of change in human consciousness.

In 1993, I invited Dr. Dossey to be the keynote speaker at the Second Mindbody Health and Fitness Conference which I produced in Santa Fe NM.  At that time he was available and enthusiastic about speaking out for the change in consciousness that was about to affect an entire industry and help bridge the gap between "mindless exercise" and "mindful motion."  Since those days he has been razzed as "crazy" and "unscientific" in the way pioneers throughout history have often endured, as well as hugely applauded and generously awarded for his far reaching goals for humanity - and for the prolific body of work he has produced toward that end.

This continues to be in direct alignment with  my own mission, and the fitness industry is only one of the communities that can be affected by expanded consciousness.  Medicine, politics, education, health - from the individual to the global community, we all have something to gain by finding new ways to expand our awareness and express the consciousness of peace.  

In this vid you will hear a bit of his spiritual view that "all minds are connected."  He particularly addresses the power of music.

You can also click here for a series of short you tubes on the project called Peace Has Begun.


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