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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Award winning video on HUNGER

Monkey topics of late have been our related to our food system, from issues of soil and seeds to distribution and packaging. The challenge of our times I think. What in the name of heaven are we doing with our food??  

Today my topic is hunger. What changes are we blind to when we take no interest and choose not to see? 

To help call attention to the challenge of food insecurity, in early 2010 ShopRite teamed up with General Mills and launched a Caring Expressions of Hunger video bring awareness to the issue through song, poetry, dance, and dramatic reading.  This is a post sent in by my friend Gerry about some folks from Trentin NJ who submitted a video.. 

Here is some good stuff - grass roots and local. A group of poets that met as part of a TASK literacy project and won a national contest - and the uplifting news is that they are now on the front of Cheerios boxes where more people can see.  

More eyes. More knowing.  More healing.  More sharing. 

Check it out.

Award winning Hunger Video 

What can you do for others today? Whatever that is, do what you can.  
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