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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Do you know where food comes from?

Blue sky...children in the distance...birds singing...the land is flush with good living.  How can one actually desire to get immersed in news that will rock the foundation of your world when the world seems so at peace, and so many other things are so pressing - at least in your own neck of the woods.

I credit Steven Covey with saying we so often opt for handling the immediate in lieu of the important...

This is a deep challenge and a quandary that drives to the heart of what our resistance is all about - the resistance we so often have to rattle the cage of comfort. Such is the importance of a sense of security even when the security is false.  Will the world need your social security check when the issue at hand is global water shortage? Will your 401K matter when the evidence of Monsanto and others like them will have their way with your food?  Will we ever be able to say we have done our best when our best is hidden from view?

We will seek change when it hits home.  We will seek change when our level of discomfort is too great for the challenge of staying put.  We will seek change when it is personal.  We will seek change when we are in danger.  Any other reasons? There are many and you will know some of them for yourself if you just think for a moment...

This blog is about seeing what is good in the world and making it known.  The Hundredth Monkey shares a change in consciousness one step at a time - one person at a time.

Sometimes the need for change comes from adversity.  The monkeys who first washed their sweet potatoes (see the initial post to this blog) did so out of the adversity of being cut off from their preferred food source.

Could this be happening to us? Must we wait until we get thoroughly trounced before we vote for better ways
to handle our resourses today?

We are in a time of change now that some say can be reversed - or stayed at the least - and others would say has no turning back and we have no choice but to watch the fall...again and again and again.

The Hundredth Monkey votes for clarity - honesty - and full awareness of the choices he makes in order to thrive.

It is in the spirit of knowing that I offer you the opportunity to educate yourself as much as you can about our global actions with regard to our most intimate currencies - food and water.

Perhaps the Hundredth Monkey can then make the personal choice that will tip the scales away from such disaster.  Will it be you? 

Watch FLOW: for the Love of Water available from Twilight Earth. Click here.

Watch The World According to Monsanto. Click here.

May we all grow in abundance and caring for our planet Earth and for each other.


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